Running a business without a solid lead generation strategy means growing it on the whims of customers who may or may not know about its existence.

Without building leads, a business cannot grow visibility, and credibility and, ultimately, cannot scale.

Engaging in lead generation campaigns, on the other hand, helps businesses increase revenue and create long-lasting relationships with customers.

For that reason, we provide you with a few useful tips on how to find quality leads and drive business success.


Understand Who You Want To Target

While you can always find plenty of leads online, using the “spray and pray” tactic won’t get you very far. In fact, on average, salespeople lose anywhere between 60 and 90 percent of their potential deals by using this approach.

Instead, focus on finding quality leads, which means understanding who your ideal customers and buyer personas are first.

By narrowing down your target audience and knowing how and why they behave, you will be able to make better investments in leads that are more likely to close and avoid wasting time on those who are not.


Use HubSpot Persona Tool

As we mentioned, finding quality leads goes hand in hand with knowing your buyer persona. While you can make your buyer persona based on market research and real data on people who already bought from you in the past, you can streamline this persona-making process by using HubSpot’s tool for this purpose.

The tool itself is completely free, and it will help you visualize key differences between groups within your target audience and supercharge your segments based on the marketing data you already know. The best thing is that you can make as many buyer personas as you like for any campaign you want to run.


Ensure You Research Based On The Right Industry And Company Size

To increase the success of your marketing campaigns, ensure you know exactly who to target and be sure you are contacting targets within the right industry and company size. For instance, you might be offering an accounting software solution that fits the needs of small to mid-sized companies, meaning targeting corporations would be futile. Furthermore, your software might offer some basic functionalities which companies with specific needs would find lacking.

For that reason, you should focus your research only on companies that could benefit from what you offer.


Set Up ‘Listening’ Campaign Based On Keyword

You can always set up a listening campaign based on keywords to find quality leads. For instance, you can use Google in a wide variety of ways to find new leads. You can set up Google Alerts to receive email notifications about prospects and existing clients to allow you better insights into their needs and provide you with a better overview of how you should (up)sell your products or services. 

Another great way to find leads is to conduct a simple Google search, for instance, “best car dealership near me” to locate and contact prospects.


Every Two Days Look At Industry News Sites

The best way to sell to your customers is by knowing what their pain points are and offering a solution for those problems. You should continually look into industry news sites and see what topics are present the most, what challenges your customers have, and think about the ways how you can resolve them.

Furthermore, industry news sites can provide you with relevant information on which company is expanding and in which direction, allowing you to seize any potential partnership opportunity.

Lastly, following industry news will help you stay informed on what’s happening with each company you want to target, which can help you craft more personalized outreach emails and increase your success rate.


Join Mailing Lists Of Companies You Want To Target 

Personalization plays a huge role in the success of your outreach campaigns. For that reason, strive toward quality over quantity when it comes to how many emails you send. 

By joining mailing lists of companies you want to target, you will have unique insights on specific news about each company you want to target which will provide you a huge advantage while approaching them.


Make LinkedIn Your Best Friend

LinkedIn is probably the best place to be when it comes to finding new leads. You can use LinkedIn to search for groups, job titles, and industries you’re targeting, connect with people that come out of this search and use the information to send better outreach emails.

You can also search for which companies are hiring, set up a “Job Alert” for jobs in certain areas, and see when companies are hiring and growing in specific roles to see where you can sell.

For instance, you might be offering HR software. A LinkedIn search might show you specific companies that need HR managers, and you can contact them and offer your software as a solution that can decrease their workload until they find the right person and aid their workday once they onboard a new hire.


Use To Find The Right Contacts In Your Search

You can always use software to streamline the process of finding new leads. We recommend using for that purpose. This tool is a great lead management solution that allows businesses to streamline their contact and market research, lead conversion, and data importing. We love it because it allows team members to identify prospects’ marketing efforts across multiple channels, including PPC, content, social networks, mobile, and SEO. Additionally, users can access common connections to generate B2B referrals based on relevant contacts, accounts, industries, revenue, technographic, and employee counts.


Key Takeaways

Finding new leads can be a tedious and time-consuming process. However, if done right, it can help a company grow and develop beyond expectations. Good research, careful crafting of a buyer persona, using various software to automate the process, and making the most out of social media are all the things that will help you on your way to success.

The question remains: what stops you from starting a successful lead generation campaign today?